Threats on The Temple Mount


My name is Jane, and I am the owner of a pro Israel page on Facebook called Israel, One nation.

This lovely photo was sent to my inbox on Israel, One Nation and to my private page by someone called : Asraa Alasel.

These pictures are taking of me entering through Damascus gate walking down the Muslim quarter, 2 photos on The Temple Mount and the last picture of me coming up from Damascus Gate.

I have been at The Temple Mount 5 times just like anyone else taking pictures and making videos. But I was making videos of all the lies and hate going on up there, and for that reason I got a treat in my inboxes.

These guys has been following me around for a couple of hours showing just how close they can get to me, and trying to intimidate me to stay away.

Okay, so let us break down what they are saying:

Jane Kiel, we know who you are…

Well, I can’t exactly say the same as you were cowards just following me around taking pictures, and not coming up to me and talk to me like normal people do.

We know what you are doing..

Excuse me, doing what?? I am not doing anything but filming what you are doing. Spreading lies and propaganda on the Temple Mount, and extreme hate whenever Jews enter the compound. I had an old man come up to me saying, “the Jews are lying, there never was a first or second temple, there never was any proof of that.”

And a young boy said to me,  “We just shout at the Jewish people because they come here to throw stones at Muslims”… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

And then I filmed how women push their kids out to scream Allah Akbar when Jews are walking by, it is both heartbreaking, evil and beyond belief…

So you guys are the one “doing things,” not me.

Leave our Aqsa in peace…

First of all, it was never your place, it will never be your place, it belongs to the God Of Israel, this is His place where His people should be allowed to go and worship. Where the Israeli flag should be blowing in the wind on every corner. This is the Holiest place on earth to the Jewish people. Jerusalem is not even mention one time in the Koran!

You call is Aqsa – well, let me teach you something, it is called The Temple Mount!!!

The Temple Mount = The site of the Biblical Mount Moriah.

It is referred to as The Lord’s Holy Mountain. Originally the site of Solomon, Zerubbabel and Herod’s Temple. This place is a huge part of the Jewish people’s history, you don’t even have a history there.

You talk about leaving it in peace — are you kidding, what peace? Every day you scream and make trouble up there. Often we see riots where you are stoning the police or using fireworks and other evil things.. Your place is in no way in peace at all… It is actually kind of sad…

I did notice you guys following me around one day up there, but for you to send me a threat like this is just incredibly stupid, because I will not be quiet about this. Now the whole world can see how you intimidate people you don’t like, I just got a chance to show what is really happening on Gods Holy Mountain, something you don’t like. Well, that is not my problem.

As a Christian who believes the Holy Scriptures, I will never stop telling what the Bible is saying about this place. You can tell all the lies you want, you can make all the noise you want, it doesn’t change the fact that The Temple Mount never belonged to you and never will. But is a huge part of the Jewish people’s history, and someday very soon they will be back.

I am living in Israel because I believe in God’s Word, and I will forever speak up about His promises to His nation, and to His people.

So don’t follow me around making threats, it really doesn’t make your case better, it just reveals what we already know, you have no tolerance towards people of other beliefs…

And in case you don’t know, Israel is a democracy, here we are free to say what we want and what we believe in. I mean you guys do it all the time, at least show some respect and let the rest of us do it too!

And because you blocked me on Facebook, I have no way of answering you, that is just childish behavior.. If you want to send me a threat, at least face up to it!

Oh yes, and I did sing Shema Israel up there, what better place to do that than on God’s Holy Mountain!

I’ll see you at The Temple Mount..