Israel is calling for Christians to rally for the Jewish People!

Dear Christian Friends of Israel:
When you visit your churches today, please understand that today is not like any other typical Sunday for the worship services you attend.
As you read this, leaders of Hamas, a terrorist group based in Gaza, has called all Arabs in Israel mobilize and take up arms against the Jewish people.
This comes on the heels of Mahmoud Abbas inflammatory address at the United Nations this past Thursday, which escalated tensions between Israel and the Arabs.
In the days and hours since that time, terrorists have attacked and killed innocent Israeli citizens, and injured others as well.
So I plead with you this morning, to wake up to the reality of what is happening on the ground right here in Jerusalem and beyond, to stand up strong and determined to lift your voices in prayer as you bow your knees in humility to our God and Father when you attend your churches this morning,.
Israel needs you now, desperately! Cry out loud for their sake, their soul, their very life. There is an enemy that seeks to destroy them, and in this critical time, the hatred and deadly attacks are escalating with each passing day, a war that is hidden, yet open for all of us to see.
Israel’s heritage of the Jewish people are your birthright as Christians, and the reason you have a church service to attend. You sing songs from the Psalms as they do, read the same Scriptures they do.
Without them, you would not exist, and Christianity would never have a chance to reach the world as it has. We are indebted with gratitude at the very least, and to support them with the best of our heart and resources at the very most.
Your support, your action, your prayers, your love, your tears, and your generosity are all needed this very minute. They look to you as brothers and sisters in faith to help them in their time of need and distress.
We cannot abandon them to such destruction, especially for those of us who understand the horrors and painful images of the holocaust over 70 years ago. We must stand strong, and say, “NEVER AGAIN!” as we stand shoulder to shoulder to support and help them.
Many people tell me that without my blog and videos, the news I bring would simply reach them, because no one else is goes where I go in reporting to you, even though I have had my life threatened for doing so.
Please pray for me so I will always be available to bring you unbiased and credible journalism from the heart and soul of Israel… Please join me on my journey in The Holy land.
Shalom with Love,
Jerusalem Jane