Urgent! I’m Going to Auschwitz!

Holocaust 3C


I am preparing to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau where more than 1 million Jewish people, young, old, men or women, lost their lives in a murderous rampage that lasted for over 12 years.

With the new deal made with Iran regarding nuclear weapons, we are reliving the past regarding the erroneous deal Neville Chamberlain of Britain made in 1938 with Hitler.

Iran states clearly about seeking the destruction of Israel with the same evil intent as Hitler’s plan to annihilate the Jews, there is no time left to be passive or silent!

Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terror against Israel, and likely contributes to what happens daily on the Temple Mount by partaking of the same evil that brought Auschwitz into existence! Israel’s prime minister believes that if an enemy has declared their intentions to destroy you, believe them and do something about it NOW!

If you have ever talked to a Jewish person about the Shoah/Holocaust, you will hear the phrase “Never again!” !t is a statement and a voice that echoes throughout the modern Jewish state of Israel after being reborn 67 years ago, despite the severe oppression and tribulation many Jews faced during the Nazi’s choke hold on Europe.

Israel rose up from the ashes of the Holocaust in a manner that resembles the vision mentioned in Ezekiel 37 where “dry bones,” were restored to life. Likewise, the Jewish soul seemingly came back to life as the Jewish state was reborn. HaTikvah, the title of Israel’s national anthem, reflects the hope and promise of Ezekiel 37 that came true on 14 May 1948, a short 3 years following the end of WWII.

My reason for doing this is to document what happened there, and share my perspective about the historical facts of the Shoah/Holocaust, and compare that to the anti-Semitic atmosphere that is radically expanding against Jews and Israel with each passing day.

I cannot ignore my heart crying out over this matter that is happening each day in Israel and around the world. The same mindset of evil that drove Hitler’s Third Reich to such atrocities in Europe is gaining strength to REPEAT another Shoah in OUR time, if we allow it!

I have visited Yad Vashem several times, and once to the Anne Frank Museum in New York City. Earlier this year, It was Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. A guide at Yad Vashem was showing tourists from Holland around and said, “The Christians didn’t do anything back then to help the Jewish people.”

As Jews are attacked, killed and threatened with certain death today, I see that same situation before me RIGHT NOW, where the Christian world is heavy with sleep; they need to WAKE UP and fully stand in support of Israel!

As I speak, imminent clouds of Jihadist war by Hamas and other terror groups hang over Israel, together with the threat from Iran as Israel and the Jewish people are once again becoming isolated, ostracized, and demonized in a manner that I find alarming.

Your partnership in sending me there is vitally important! I need support from Christians and Jewish people who understand my urgent vision for this project.

I can feel my heart rising up passionately within me, because Jewish lives hang in the balance between life and death as rockets are fired into Israel, or any other sort of attack, I simply can’t ignore this!

To report from Zion to the whole world is a vital calling and a sacred trust. The voices we hear speaking up for Israel are few, it is my honor to do so. This trip will certainly enhance and enrich my work in Israel.

Please share this with anyone you know that might be able to donate or help with this vision, and visit my donation page below:

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and give whatever your heart leads you to do in making this trip possible!  If its 5 dollars or 500 dollars, every dollars count! This trip includes: plane tickets, hotel, food, transportation for 2 people for about a week, me and a cameraman.

It’s clear to me that the world has learned NOTHING from the past, and the world is in danger of repeating such an unspeakable evil again towards the Jewish people!

I truly pray that my words have touched your heart in helping me to stand even stronger and bolder for the Jewish nation for such a time like this. I know being in Auschwitz is going to affect me tremendously, but I need to take a deep breath and fill my lungs with air where so many Jews tragically took their last breath..

Please email me for further information: jane_kiel@hotmail.com

Thank you all so much!