Terror and Violence is Increasing Against Israel

Shalom friends,

The widespread condemnation of the arson attack in Duma by alleged “Jewish Settlers” has been followed by a wave of Arab terrorism, here is just a summary of the events I know of:

Apparent attempts to burn down Joseph’s Tomb

COUNTLESS rock and firebomb attacks against people, cars, buildings, etc.

An arson attack southeast of Jerusalem Sunday that set off a massive fire and released asbestos-laden ash on wide swaths of the city

A near-lethal firebomb attack in Jerusalem’s Beit Hanina where a beautiful young lady suffered burns on over 20% of her body,

3 IDF soldiers were run over by a car that was driven by an Arab terrorist yesterday

Numerous other attacks of varying degrees.

And today rockets are flying in from Gaza again.

Why is all this happening against the Jewish people?

The people of Israel have overwhelmingly condemned the horrific terrorist attack against the Arab family in Duma, including the Israeli leaders!!

And as of today, we are still contending with this fact: WE DON’T KNOW YET WHO DID THIS!!

Was it really Jews or was it Arabs as more than a few reports now suggest??

But with all the horrible terrorist attacks done by Arabs in the past week, we are still waiting for any word of condemnation from either the Arabs political or religious leaders.

And in general it is sobering to realize that once again, there is nothing but stone cold silence from the rest of this hypocritical, anti-Semitic, world regarding the attacks against Israel or her people!

This is just what the Jewish people face every day with this wave of new terror attacks and the world don’t seem to care… Why should they, they reason, because it happens all the time now, and its not affecting those living outside of Israel.

And yet, true to the virtuous character of Israel and her people, an Arab terrorist who attacked the Jewish people was admitted into a Jewish hospital, where Jewish doctors are fighting to save his life.

To get a clearer perspective of what is going on with the Israeli-Arab conflict, consider this: thousands of young “Palestinians” in Gaza concluded a Hamas military summer camp on Wednesday to prepare them to “confront any possible Israeli attack.”The terrorist organization runs these camps during school vacation.

Hamas’s military wing, the Kassam Brigades, said that the children participating in the summer camp had been “trained in military techniques and in firing live ammunition,” AFP reported.

This is just one huge terrorist camp where children are not allowed to be children, but instead, they are trained with full-blown battle rehearsals to kill the Jewish people. There are no kids there but soldiers undergoing training for war. These are the Jihadists we will read about in tomorrow’s news!

Additionally, I noticed in a video posted by Hamas regarding this camp, was the display of missiles that are made in Iran! No doubt that Iranian money is flowing into Gaza to help Hamas battle against Israel, both in the form of weapons smuggled in from Egypt, and training these kids to be Jihadist warriors again the Jewish State.

This is so sick and evil to see how these young minds are being twisted with such murderous hatred and violence, the whole world should be condemning this!

So my dear friends, so many evil things are happening RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW IN THE HOLY LAND against Gods people. Seriously, its a full time job just to keep up with all that is happening and report about it.

Here is another report:

A French tourist was attacked at The Temple Mount for showing the Israeli flag, the Muslims just came right at him and he was struck by a big stone on his face that was cracked opened.

Here is the irony of the matter: Despite the fact he was the victim of their violence, HE was arrested because you can not show the blue and white Israeli flag on ISRAEL’S Temple Mount, but in defiance of the God of Israel and her people, you can show Hamas and ISIS flags on the Temple Mount!!

Much more is going on here and elsewhere, including the news regarding Obama slamming Bibi about the Iranian nuclear “deal”, it is just unbelievable!! I can only wonder what world leaders will say on the day Iran attacks Israel, and how they will view Israel’s position at the time. I will foretell the future here, and predict that Israel will be blamed!

Shabbat is here in a few hours, I have had an intense week, so I will fully rest this Shabbat.

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Thank you all for standing with the Jewish Nation..

Let us all pray for a peaceful Shabbat in Israel.

God bless all the men and women in the IDF that is protecting us 24/7, they are doing an awesome job.