Living on the other side of the Green line!

Okay, I have to say this.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East where everyone can practice their faith, whatever it might be. This is a blessing on one hand for the practitioner of an particular religious observance, and a seeming curse to another. Allow me to give an example in real life.

Where I presently living right now, I am on the “Green Line” in Israel. There is a border fence, and I am on the Israeli side. Arabs and Muslims live on the other side of this line.

Just a short distance from me, there is a mosque, and typical of such a place, is the 5 daily calls to prayer. It is not somebody calling you up at your house. It is a massively amplified loudspeaker that rattles your senses and bones when this thing goes off!

But I’m so tired of waking up at 4 am every morning because the Muslims are calling their “faithful” to prayer, if they want to pray to their God, I strongly prefer for them to QUIETLY go into their mosques and close the door.

I do not want it shoved right into my face 5 times a day, it’s both offensive and disgusting.Christians, Jews and other faiths do not shout out across the countryside into microphones when they want to pray, wake up everyone for miles, etc.

It is almost like a form of psychological warfare, because it deliberately interrupts normal sleep patterns, it is unwanted by those around them that are not Muslims, and given all the other issues too numerous to mention here, it just does not sit well with me.

Why do we have to encumbered with the Muslim faith, or Jews be forced to listen to it every single day when all this land actually belongs to them? One would think this tactic is a not-so-subtle undertone of intended domination and control over the people and the land. They will not rest, until they have absolute power and control.

And that is why my own rest is disrupted, and my own tranquility at all hours of the day and night because of this onslaught they bring against us. I would prefer these so-called Palestinians should go home to Egypt and Jordan.

They talk about Israel’s alleged “apartheid,” give me a break! Who is discriminating against who with their faith?
Israel belong to the Jewish people, a Divine and royal land grant was given to Abraham and his seed through Isaac and Jacob, with an everlasting and unconditional covenant.

No one has the right to give away ANY land that that was given to Israel by a covenant with God, however, piece by piece the Palestinians are getting more and more land that never was theirs to begin with, nor should be theirs.

The Jewish people are required to prove their lineage back hundreds of years, yet the Palestinians, only 2! And they are given refugee status, and given aid by UNRWA, UNESCO, and many other sources. take a look at this video below, called “The Occupation,” and you can see for yourself how “bad” these so-called “refugees” have it.

They want the Jews out of Israel, it is no secret. I’m sorry, but the lie about “Palestine” will never be true just because people are saying it over and over, or because Obama or Kerry are forcefully pressuring Bibi to give in and sheepishly hand over land that belong to the Jewish people.

Israel and the Jewish people completely vacated the Gaza Strip in 2005, and displaced over 10,000 people, right down to the graves of their dead as well. How were they rewarded for this?

With over 10,000 rockets raining terror down on the Iraeli people day and night ever since! Hamas and the Salafist terrorist groups took charge, and there has been no rest ever saince.

So, argue what you want, but at the end of the day, this is a no-win situation for Israel, and it is clear that certain entities and powers would rather destroy Israel and dominate the region, than truly settle for a genuine peace in the region!

 I’m just saying:-)