Diesel & IDF soldier!

When I lived in Arad, I went to visit a dear friend of mine, her name is Shoshanna.  We were cleaning out her house, I guess you could call it spring cleaning.

Later on, while we had lunch, this really beautiful young girl steps in, who is renting a room with Shoshanna.

She previously made Aliyah from South America to Israel with her family, and she had just joined the IDF!

Everything was quite new for her since coming to Israel and joining the army, and because she didn’t get the assignment that she wanted, she was a bit down.

Additionally, It turned out that it was her birthday, which I didn’t know at the time. Meanwhile, as we were eating lunch, I was praying and saying, ”God, I want to bless this young girl. I want to give her a birthday gift, but I’m not prepared, and I don’t have a gift.”

All of a sudden I heard God saying, “Jane, What is in your purse?”

At that moment, I remembered that just before I left my house, I had this strange feeling to bring my new Diesel perfume, so I did. And now God said, “Give it to her.”

I grabbed her hand and said, “Listen, I didn’t know I was going to meet you today, or that it would be your birthday, but before coming here, I felt God speak to me about bringing this new perfume with me, and I just know I’m definitely supposed to give it to you!”

She started to cry, she couldn’t believe it, and then she said, “What, how did you know? I just love that perfume but it’s too expensive for me to buy. But I always wanted it, I love Diesel and I have some jeans of that same brand!”

I couldn’t hardly believe all this was happening, she squeezed me so tight and we cried together, I just know this was a Divine appointment.

My story ends with a yet another blessing for her, because shortly after this, she got the job in the IDF that she really wanted.