Bus ride with Arab schoolgirls.

I want to share something with you as Yom HaSho’ah (Holocaust Memorial Day) is coming up tomorrow, and for me, this day is quite personal. Here is why, because of what happened right in front of me…

Earlier today while I was riding the bus into Jerusalem, 2 Arabic girls boarded the bus along the way. Both of them were dressed casually in jeans and sneakers, which appeared to be very ordinary for those of us who live in Western cultures.

They sat next to me, and first, I did not pay any attention to them.

They started to talk and laugh really loud, when suddenly, I heard them mention the word “Philistine”… That got my attention immediately, since I’ve honestly heard about that word, and the lies regarding it.

When I looked over at them, they were sitting with papers from a school project. This included maps and drawings of Palestine, which was immediately so repulsive, that right there, I justed wanted to lose my lunch!

Oh my, it made me think once again about the Jewish people’s response regarding the Holocaust (Shoah in Hebrew): We think and say, “We must never forget, never again must this happen!”

But hey, guess what? To this day, the Jewish people are still targeted for being Jewish, still killed for being Jewish, and they still do not live safely in their own land for being Jewish.

Worse still at this present hour, John Kerry and the Obama Administration continue to apply intense and painful pressure upon Israel and her people to give up land that is legally, historically and rightfully theirs.

Those 2 Arab teenagers might be sweet young girls, but they are still being taught that “Jews are stealing OUR land,” for which it is “reasonable” and a “righteous cause” to justify suicide bombings, or to believe in their heart that all of Israel is actually an ARAB Palestine, rather than a Jewish one, and so on.

Yes, we must never forget, but my dear friends of Israel, this battle is no way close to being over, the Jewish people are in noway near to being safe in 2014, and I am sorry to say, I believe it will only get worse…

Israel needs your support like never before!