Bus ride to Jerusalem!

I want to tell you about my bus ride today while going into downtown Jerusalem.

That bus contained everything that Israel’s people and culture are about. First of all, 6 football (American: Soccer) players enter the bus dressed in their sweats being happy, cheerful and really loud (rowdy for all you Americans), and having a good time entertaining the whole bus.

They had to be the cutest 10-year-olds I have ever seen. Then some Arab workers entered, filthy after a hard days work, together with some soldiers enters all dressed up in their gear, poised and focused on protecting this Nation at all times.

Then a young couple entered the bus, and oh man, they were so in love! She just couldn’t stop kissing him, it was so very cute. The smile on her face was priceless.

And when we entered Jerusalem we were held back and delayed by the motorcade of The Prime Minister Of Israel that is passing by.

I was just sitting there smiling thinking about this bus ride, which contained kids being happy and playing soccer like kids all over the world, Arabs workers moving freely inside the country, and soldiers taking care of everybody, young people in love not noticing anything around them, and to top this entire experience, the leader of this great country passed by us, protected by the best men in the whole world.

You just have to love this great nation for everything it is and for everything it stands for, since it is the only democracy in The Middle East.